Just over a century ago, the intrepid explorer Douglas Mawson set out from Tasmania, the world’s most southern city, with an intrepid band of adventurous explorers – chasing a seemingly impossible goal. Together with their pack of faithful Huskies, they headed south, guided only by the stars – uplifted by the vision of southern lights, a familiar purple and green cheerleader in the navy night sky.

Their story was of hardship, teamwork, danger, adventure. Bound together like brothers, they were a pack, loyal to the end. And through their story, we understand our own. Like the huskies, we stay true to our pack with a fierce loyalty, and the relentless commitment to explore, survive, and win. Born out of a desire to mix serious sport with a lifestyle brand, the Husky Clothing Co. was born.

The motif is clear, keep it is simple. A stylish lifestyle brand for men, women and children, with a combination of quality design and craftsmanship and ties to a unique identity and the back story of great exploration requiring careful attention to detail, the free spirited and energetic mentality of the Husky, a breed born to perform.

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